Casey Davis, originally from Indiana, is a photographer based in a town no one has ever heard of called Maynard, Massachusetts. She received her BFA in photography, from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She currently works for a professional photography lab called Digital Silver Imaging in Belmont, Massachusetts, where she helps in many things film-related.

Tradition is something that has always captivated Casey. She loves to see the human touch of things, like hand-painted signs or impromptu roadside memorials. Perhaps even more, she is interested in seeing how other people regard tradition. This comes in all forms – form religion to patriotism (often overlapping interests), to things once loved, but now long forgotten. She has traveled all over the United States documenting these things along the way, collecting them like keepsakes.

Casey photographs using a Pentax 67II, a Toyo 4x5 field camera, and a Contax T3. She shoots exclusively Kodak C-41 films, and prints all of her own analog chromogenic color prints.